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You've gotta try these 10 Nashville dishes

When it comes to Nashville’s food scene, it’s getting tough to keep up. On every street corner, a new restaurant or eatery has opened up seemingly overnight, nearly overwhelming both residents and tourists alike. That’s why the team here at Dan’s Gourmet has rounded up a list of the top 10 best foods the city's restaurants has to dish out.

1. Thai Esane’s Drunken Noodles (12South)

drunken noodles

The key word at Thai Esane is spicy. Even for us, medium is sweat-inducing. The Mac Man loves their Drunken Noodles – flat and thick rice noodles topped with veggies and basil. Hint: Order anything with Nina’s spicy ginger sauce. It’s basically drinkable and we’ve had to stop ourselves from sipping it with a straw.

2. Peg Leg Porker’s Dry Ribs (The Gulch)

Nashville barbecue has gotten a lot of fame lately, and we love that. One of our favorites? The dry ribs from Peg Leg Porker in the Gulch. Being a company that loves the SAUCE, we don’t usually do dry ribs, but these are perfection. Dip 'em in their Alabama white sauce and prepare to have your mind blown.  

3. City House’s Belly Ham Pizza (Germantown)

This pizza might just be one of the best pizzas ever created. Belly ham, Grana Padano and mozzarella are the stars of this dish, although a hint of chili oil really kicks up the flavors. Add an egg on top for bonus points. If you get there early, take a seat at the pizza bar and watch the magic unfold.

4. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken (Charlotte & Midtown)

This wouldn’t be a Nashville list if hot chicken didn’t make an appearance. Hattie B’s menu isn’t huge, so order as you like and enjoy the spicy goodness that is Nashville hot chicken. However, if it’s your first time, go easy or you will have a really rough morning tomorrow. Trust us. (P.S. Did someone say Nashville hot chicken mac and cheese partnership?)

5. Prima's #mvotcs (The Gulch)


In our opinion, this is the brunch item you get the best bang for your buck. Prima’s version of a Cuban sandwich, dubbed #mvotcs, is loaded with spicy ham, braised pork, an egg omelet and shake cheese. Definitely big enough for two people to share. It’s super rich but makes for a hearty breakfast after a fun weekend bar hopping. 

6. Bastion's Nachos (Wedgewood-Houston)

While we encourage you to eat on the hidden half of Josh, Ben and Max's Wedgewood Houston hotspot, sometimes you just want a chill hang. For $12 in the bar, you can get a heaping plate of nachos that can feed two people. Pulled pork and cheese are layered throughout and it’s topped with radishes and pickled onions. Everything works together for a perfect pairing with any of their delicious cocktails.

7. Rolf and Daughters’ Garganelli Verde (Germantown)

This dish is Mac Man approved. The house-made pasta is perfectly cooked and topped with heritage pork ragù and a dash of SarVechhio Parmesan cheese. This bright green flavor bomb will have you using your fingers to get the last drop.  

8. Epice’s Kibbe Nayyeh (12South)

This one’s not on the menu, and you have to call ahead and ask for it at least 12 hours ahead. It’s a Lebanese steak tartare, and it’s amazing and totally worth planning ahead for. Our friend, owner Maher Fawaz, recommends that you wash it down with arak, a Lebanese aperitif. Thank us later.

9. 5th and Taylor’s Chicken Liver Mousse (Germantown)

chicken liver mousse

They don’t always have it, but if you’re lucky enough to visit when it’s on the menu, order the chicken liver mousse. It comes with a drool-worthy strawberry jam, and we are pushing hard to get it back on the menu. (If you're reading this 5th and Taylor, PLEASE!)

10. Cafe Nonna’s Seafood Angelina (Slyvan Park)

seafood angelica

This is the Mac Man’s favorite pasta in Nashville, and that’s saying something. The Seafood Angelina combines a rich saffron cream sauce with five different types of seafood. Ask for some fresh Italian bread to sop it all up with and you’re in business. Pro-tip: Switch out fettuccine for the delightfully thin capellini. 

Photo courtesy of waving at you on Flickr


Jimmy Matorin:


Excellent information given I plan on being in Nashville for NACUFS. Too many choices, not enough time.


May 09, 2017

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