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Top 5 things to chew on if you want food trucks at your wedding

Ah, weddings. Love is in the air, the Cha Cha Slide is pumping and the food is, well, bland. That's where food trucks can come in and save the day.

Having a food truck wedding isn’t for everyone—especially those who might be expecting a more traditional crowd. But as the popularity of food trucks soars and more and more trucks hit roads across the nation, it’s becoming a trend to see one at a wedding.

Here are 5 bites to chew on if you’re thinking about a food truck wedding:

1. Hot and fresh out of the kitchen

Unfortunately, wedding food often gets written off as boring, flavorless and sometimes even cold. Because having kitchens at your venue is rare, it’s hard for caterers to keep food tasting its best after a car ride from their kitchen to your venue.

Booking a food truck ensures that everything is hot and made to order fresh. However, because your food is made to order, this could mean waiting longer to eat—especially if you’ve only booked one.

2. Be prepared for lines

Even if you have hors d'oeuvres or snacks, be prepared for all of your guests to want to eat dinner at the same time. There will be lines, but with a few helpful tips, you can keep those lines to a minimum.

Firstly, we highly suggest booking more than one truck to share the load. A savory and a sweet truck are good choices, but you can also book two savory trucks if you want to keep the dessert the traditional wedding cake.

Another tip? Have the food trucks serving for at least two hours and provide some snacks or passed appetizers for guests to munch on while they wait.

3. More bang for your buck

As you’re planning your wedding and researching food options, you will very quickly realize how quickly things add up. Wedding caterers typically charge and arm and a leg for even the simplest fare. The average per person amount for a catered wedding is a whopping $30 a person!

Food truck offerings vary anywhere from $10 to $20 while also offering guests something more unique and exotic than your typical chicken and rice offerings.

4. It’s just plain fun!

We all know it—weddings can be a little boring sometimes. If you’re not a dancer, there’s really not much else provided in the way of entertainment, and you’re stuck nursing your drink along the edge of the party.

Having a food truck can provide that much-needed injection of fun as the party is getting stale.

Many trucks, (the Mac Attack included) have started doing “Make Your Own” bars where guests are given the opportunity to customize their food exactly how they want it. It’s a fun and engaging way to get everyone—even the non-dancer—involved.

5. Make sure your venue allows them!

Everything sound good so far? Before you book, make sure your venue allows food trucks! Some wedding venues are super picky on who they allow to cater weddings, and some don’t even allow outside caterers. Do your research!

If your venue does allow outside catering, make sure there is a good spot for a truck or two to park outside where the guests can see them and have easy access. (I went to a wedding once where the trucks were super far away and in the dark, and no one knew they were there!)

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