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Red, white and brew: Pairing your craft beer with Dan's Gourmet

Craft brews are flowing freely through Nashville, and we’re digging it because there’s really nothing better than an ice cold beer and a bowl of flavorful mac and cheese.

In fact, we’ve partnered with New Heights Brewing in the Wedgewood-Houston area and Hops & Crafts in the Gulch, giving you the opportunity to chow down while you taste some delicious brews.

Here’s a quick and handy pairing guide to help you get the most out of your mac and beer combo:

Plain Jane: With gouda, asiago, aged cheddar and fontina, our Plain Jane packs a cheesy punch. You’ll want a hoppy and bitter beer to cut through the cream, cleanse your palate and compliment the natural cheesy flavors.

Try: New Heights IPA, New Heights’ Animal Style Imperial IPA or Jackalope’s Fennario IPA

Hash Bash: Hash Bash’s unique ingredients include Mexican-style chorizo, poblano peppers, onions and a crispy hashbrown top making it perfect for any time of day. Our favorite way to eat it? Top with a sunny-side-up egg and have breakfast for dinner, pairing with a flavorful IPA infused with coffee or a Mexican beer.

Try: New Heights’ Batch #1 India Pale Ale with Coffee, Yazoo’s Dos Perros or Black Abbey’s The Champion American Pale Ale

Krazy Kale: Our Mediterranean mac. Penne pasta is coated in our rich olive oil kale pesto complete with feta and sundried tomatoes. You’ll want to sip on something lighter to compliment these cleaner flavors.

Try: Tennessee Brew Works’ Extra Easy English Pub Ale, Jackalope’s Thunder Ann APA

Mac Attack: Our spiciest offering, Mac Attack’s jalapeno garlic sausage hits your palette with a bang. Red peppers, red onions and a three-cheese mixture round out the flavors. A good amber ale balances out the heat nicely, but if you want to kick up the spice even more, try an IPA.

Try: Yazoo’s Gerst Amber Ale, East Nashville Beer Works’ East Bank Citra IPA

Smoky Chicken Bleu: One of our heartier options, our Smoky Chicken Bleu combines mesquite chicken with gorgonzola, sharp white cheddar and fontina. Pair with a delicious brown ale to compliment the richness of the cheeses or a rye IPA which goes nicely with the smoky flavors.

Try: Jackalope’s Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale, Tennessee Brew Works’ Cutaway IPA

I Dream of Creamy: Mushrooms, peas and a rich sherry cream sauce come together to give your taste buds a hearty treat. The earthiness of the mushrooms and creamy sauce pair deliciously well with dark lagers and brown ales.

Try: I Little Harpeth Brewing’s Upstream San Fran Lager, Smith & Lentz’s Brown Ale, Smith & Lentz’s Vienna Lager

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