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Meet your new favorite thing: The Mac Bar

What's a Mac Bar, you ask? 

Only the best creation ever! You take your favorite rich and creamy mac and cheese and set up all the fixings. It takes mac and cheese out of side dish territory and to a whole new level. 

The Mac Attack has perfected the art of the Mac Bar, rolling up to weddings and celebrations and making guests' culinary dreams come true. We start with our famous Plain Jane mac and cheese packed with gouda, asiago, 12-month aged cheddar and fontina. Next we set up a table overflowing with topping options including pulled pork, Cajun chicken, bacon, chorizo, an assortment of cheeses (because more cheese is never a bad thing), veggies, spices, sauces and breadcrumbs. 

Guests visit us at the window to grab their 2/3 pound of Plain Jane--the perfect canvas for some serious topping action. Then they can get creative, calling upon their inner kid and loading up on toppings. We don't judge! There's no bad combo.


We love how this guy loaded up on protein.

And it looks like Whole Foods also has the right idea. Their new shop at Union Station will have a 4-feet long mac and cheese bar alongside a 100-pound tower of cheese. Although it won't quite be as good as a Dan's Gourmet Mac Bar, as theirs isn't make- your-own!

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