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How to hunt down Nashville's delicious food trucks

It’s 1 PM. You’ve reached a stopping point at work, and after working all morning suddenly your squished chicken salad sandwich and carrot sticks don’t look so appealing.


That’s where food trucks come in. But sometimes it seems impossibly hard to find a specific truck, especially when you’re on a time crunch and have to get back to that daily grind.

We admit it; sometimes food trucks can be somewhat elusive, and unfortunately, there won’t always be one parked right outside your office. But never fear!

There are around 80 food trucks (with more always being added) traversing Nashville’s streets. So why don’t you see more of them?

There’s a few reasons. While 80+ food trucks may seem like a lot, think about all of the thousands of office buildings located in and around Nashville.

With food trucks, it’s a constant struggle of figuring out whether the event or spot will be worth it to come out. Things like weather, amount of people expected, amount of competition there and more come into play.

Okay, I get it. But how do I find the ones that are out and about?

Social media is your friend here. Almost all, if not all, food trucks heavily rely on social media to advertise their whereabouts. Twitter and Facebook are most popular, but some trucks will post their location on Instagram. Keep your eyes peeled and your stomach ready—you never know when one will announce a location near you.  

Some popular trucks in Nashville, like the Grilled Cheeserie, have a spot on their website dedicated to their food truck schedule for the week so you can plan ahead. Others rely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out.

To find the Mac Attack, check our social media accounts or just ask us! We are always happy to inform hungry guests where we'll be slingin' mac from next.

Not looking for a specific truck?

There are several events planned throughout Nashville that are aimed at highlighting street food and food trucks.

If you’re downtown on a Thursday—you’re in luck! Nashville hosts Street Food Thursdays, a gathering of up to 20 food trucks parked along Deaderick Street between 4th Avenue North and 5th Avenue North.

During the spring and summer months, you can almost always find one or two food trucks scattered on heavily traveled streets like 12 South and Hillsboro Road through Hillsboro Village, while festivals and bigger events like farmer’s markets are also really good places to find a food truck.

mas tacos

But let’s face it: Isn’t half the fun of a food truck randomly stumbling upon it? Happy hunting!

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