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Get saucy: 7 other ways to use cheese sauces

Around here, it’s all about the cheesy sauce. Our Plain Jane sauce is comprised of aged cheddar, gouda, asiago and fontina because, hey, the more the merrier! But cheese sauces don’t have to be noodle-exclusive. Read on for some other drool-worthy ways to use cheese sauces!

1. Killer nachos


We threw you a bone here. It’s widely known that chips are the second-best thing to drench with cheese. (Noodles are the first!) After dousing your chips with a generous helping of the cheese sauce of your choice—we suggest one featuring white American cheese—add your toppings. You can top with chicken or pulled pork, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeños to really put it over the edge.

2. Actually edible broccoli

cheesy broccoli

The word “diet” isn’t in our vocabulary. We believe in comfort food, period. So feel free to steam some broccoli, but then douse it in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce. Try it with cauliflower, too. Weren’t vegetables just created to be sauce vehicles?

3. Overloaded potato

cheese potato

Baked potatoes are a classic side for all you steak lovers out there. But what would happen if we topped that tater with some Mac Man-approved cheese sauce, some bacon bits and chives? Mind. Blown.

4. The perfect burger topping

cheese burger

It’s getting to be grilling season, and as burgers come off the grill, don’t top them with the boring classics. Cheese slices are so overrated. Drizzle your patty with some gooey bleu cheese or cheddar sauce and guests will be inviting themselves back for weekends to come. Hint: Pour a bottle of your favorite beer in your sauce for an extra kick.

5. Cheesesteak fries


If you had a weekend full of parties, this one's for you. A bed of fries is the perfect vehicle for gooey cheese sauce, thin slices of steak, and onions. These are a great way to say bye to the weekend and start off a new week. You can start your diet tomorrow. 

6. Cheese sauce for breakfast

cheese breakfast

Cheese sauce is welcome at any meal. Take a biscuit and top with scrambled eggs and a thick slice of Canadian bacon. Forgo the hollandaise sauce and whip up a quick cheese sauce with your favorite cheeses (we suggest fontina and asiago but you do you!) and spoon it on. You’ll be in a food coma for the rest of the day, but it’s worth it. 

7. Fondue it 

cheese fondue

Practically anything goes well with a good cheese sauce. Apples? Yes. Pretzels? Double yes. Fondue is the purest way to devour a perfect cheese sauce, and the possibilities are endless. One of our favorites? A classic and creamy mixture of raclette and gruyere cheese.

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