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Dan the Mac Man's best summer grilling tips and tricks

While Dan “the Mac Man’s” original claim to fame is his creamy mac and cheeses, he’s also a wizard on the grill. Tuesday marked the first day of summer—and the official kickoff of grill season. So what better time to provide our loyal fans with some helpful grilling tips?

Don’t overdo your patty

Good burgers and steaks deserve medium rare temps. Do ‘em justice and keep your guests happy by cooking your patties on a medium-high temperature for about 4-6 minutes per side. Another Mac Man tip? “I like to make my burgers fatter than normal to ensure proper grill marks and keep that juicy red medium-rare center.”

Plus, if you make the burgers bigger, you leave more room to stuff them with our favorite thing ever—cheese!

A 1 pound medium-rare steak burger on a bed of our Plain Jane 4-cheese mac & cheese, topped with herb goat cheese, a runny egg and sautéed shiitake mushrooms. Unbelievable. 

Oil those veggies

For those of you who don’t like meat or who are just planning on grilling up a side of veggies, we get that it can be a little intimidating with all of the different veggie options and cook times.

Wrap up your vegetables like asparagus and corn on the low temperature side of the grill over indirect heat. Make sure you season well and coat generously in olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh garlic. Fresh garlic makes all the difference, and peeling and mincing isn’t as hard as it looks! A helpful guide can be found HERE.

Pop these foil packets on the grill a few minutes before you throw on your meats and bask in the freshness!

Squash, zucchini and eggplant can go right on the grill as long as they are oiled up well. A medium temperature works best for this, and cook on each side for 5 minutes to allow time for those great grill marks to appear. (And don’t forget to liberally season them!) Vegetables on the grill can often get overlooked because of lack of seasoning.

The waiting game

Homemade pulled pork can be some of the most prized food of the summer. It takes patience and a little love, but the end result is so worth it. Plus, if you have a large smoker, you can make larger quantities at a time and freeze what you don’t use!

We smoke our pork butts low and slow at 225 degrees for a good 10 to 12 hours, making sure to spritz every few hours with a little apple cider vinegar to keep moist.

The secret to our pulled pork is in our dry rub. While we won’t tell you exactly what’s in it, we will say we use paprika, salt, black pepper, cumin, lots of garlic and brown sugar, and a little cayenne for heat.

Coffee ain’t just for breakfast

Dan’s favorite cut for grilling steak is a ribeye; it’s he most flavorful steak cut of beef! Try a multi-seasoning blend that includes, of all things, ground coffee! It burns off on the grill and gives the steak an enchanting smokiness you won't get any other way.

Bobby Flay has an awesome 16 spice rub that Dan has used and he claims is worth mimicking until you get comfortable with your spices. Click HERE for the recipe.

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