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Dan dishes: Here's how each mac variety was born

You know how superheroes all have their own origin stories? Our mac varieties do, too. (Yeah, we're comparing our mac and cheeses to superheroes because they're that good.)

Dan first came up with the spicy, habanero garlic sausage-packed Mac Attack in his kitchen as he was cooking dinner for his fiancée, Mandi, and it's been a fan favorite ever since. He's always loved spicy food, and anytime he has the opportunity to add habanero to something, he does it. 

The habanero's sweet heat combines with a creamy blend of sharp cheddar, pepper jack and swiss that keeps you coming back bite after bite. 

One of our newer varieties, Plain Jane is anything but plain. Dan came up with the name at an event demoing and explaining the varieties (pre-Plain Jane) in Kentucky. A guy came up and said, "Dan I like what you’re doing, but I’m just a plain Jane guy."

Dan realized a lot of people just love the classics if they're really good. 

Our difference? We source way better cheeses than anyone else. We use twelve-month aged cheddar, a creamy gouda, nutty asiago and buttery fontina. All of these flavors combine for that perfect mac bite. 


When Dan first started the company, kale was on everyone's minds as the newest superfood.

He took the popular bland veggie and kicked it up a notch with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan and feta cheese. More nutrient-dense than regular basil pesto, the kale pesto offers shoppers a unique, Mediterranean flavor. 

Originally smoky chicken was called Chicken 3G, and that was back when 3G was fast—but people would eat it even faster. The three G's were gouda, green onion and gorgonzola.

Dan is obsessed with gorgonzola, but he knows that not everyone shares the same kind of love he does for the pungent bleu cheese. Mixing it with gouda and aged cheddar gives Smoky Chicken Bleu its incredible depth of flavor. Mesquite-smoked chicken perfectly compliments the cheeses, making this variety our biggest seller.


I Dream of Creamy came to Dan in a dream, and the name followed. He had the idea to combine a hard cheese with something that could stand up to it while perfectly complimenting it, creating an exceptionally rich cream sauce. 

The Sherry carries a richness that when it’s cooked off can really enhance other flavors, in particular garlic and mushrooms. Dan included vegetables that could take on other flavors while also giving the dish texture.

Dan came up with Hash Bash because he wanted people to be able to have mac 24/7 in their lives. He loved the idea of a carb topped with a carb (hello crispy hash brown topping!) Chorizo and poblano peppers offer up a smoky flavor instead of a spicy one, making it a perfect breakfast mac and cheese, but you can devour it any time of day. 

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