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Au naturale: Dan's Gourmet leaves chemicals in the dust

Let's face it: preservatives and chemicals are in lots of our favorite foods and snacks. Unless you're really vigilant, you're going to eat some of these yucky chemicals without even knowing it. 

An article in The New York Times recently highlighted something really gross. You know your kids' favorite boxed macaroni and cheese snack? The traffic cone orange powder you mix with dried noodles? That stuff has been found to have high concentrations of phthalates, a chemical known to reduce testosterone in males and cause learning disorders. 

The study reviewed 30 different cheese products, with powdered cheese and processed cheese slices scoring the highest in these phthalates. 

The bad stuff. | Photo by Ginny via Flickr. 

The bad news? Americans are addicted to the stuff, with 740 million boxes of powdered mac and cheese sold in just 2012 alone. 

Enter Dan's Gourmet products. We scoff at powdered cheese, and believe that consumers deserve to enjoy their favorite comfort food without having to worry about adverse health effects. 

All of our cheeses are sourced from cheesemakers in Wisconsin and are 100% natural and hormone free. We also don't use preservatives or chemicals in our frozen products or in anything off our food truck. 

So next time you're craving some mac and cheese, ditch the powdered stuff and head to the freezer aisle. 


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