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7 things you never knew about mac and cheese

Mac and cheese may be one of (if not your favorite) food. It's definitely ours! But we're willing to bet you've never heard these facts about the cheesy dish we all know and love.

1. The priciest mac can be found in LA

At $95 a pop, LA's Mélisse Macaroni and cheese with white truffles will put a dent in your wallet. The dish includes a giant portion of fresh tagliatelle pasta covered in white truffles, parmesan cheese and a brown butter truffle froth. 

2. Mac and cheese pairs really well with wine

Did you know Dan's Gourmet offers a recommended wine pairing on the back of each of our flavors? Our Plain Jane pairs well with a Sauvignon Blanc, while the Mediterranean flavors of our Krazy Kale go best with a Chardonnay. If you're not a wine fanatic, the spiciness of our Mac Attack goes best with a Mexican lager. 

3. Eat more mac!

The average American eats 19.8 pounds of pasta each year. That may seem like a lot, but the average Italian chows down on more than 50 pounds a year! (When you work at Dan's Gourmet, you definitely eat more than those average Italians.)

4. City rats know what's up 

According to a study by the Animal Behavior Society, the favorite food of city-dwelling rats is macaroni and cheese. They, like most of us, don't love vegetables and prefer to nibble on fatty and carb-loaded treats. We feel you, rats. 

5. Cheddar is better

According to most popular recipes, cheddar is the type of cheese most fall back on when whipping up a batch of mac and cheese. Other popular cheeses are the melty Gouda and the heartier Parmesan. Hint: Our Plain Jane combines FOUR cheeses (12-month aged cheddar, Gouda, Fontina and Asiago) for the ultimate creamy experience.

6. Mac and Cheese is our favorite color 

Yes, it's true. Macaroni and Cheese is it's very own color. Crayola dubbed the light orange crayon "Macaroni and Cheese" in 1993. We only wish it was a scented crayon.

7. Canada loves their mac

Mac and cheese has consistently ranked as one of America's top 10 favorite foods. However, in Canada, it's considered their country's all-time favorite dish, and boxed macaroni is the best-seller in grocery stores. Maybe we should move to Canada?

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